Is it necessary to start teaching English Grammar in Primary Schools?

Study grammar? What is the importance?

The necessity of teaching English Grammar in non-native English-speaking schools is a never-ending debate. Most of our belief is that studying grammar is learning and applying rules in sentences. But language experts say grammar is essential to communicate and master the language well. Crystal David, British Linguist, academic, and author, said, “Grammar is the structural foundation of our ability to express ourselves”. If you can speak fluently in English, there is no need to focus on grammar rules while speaking and the flow of language automatically comes when you talk. But a person who has good knowledge of grammar can communicate better.

The importance of teaching grammar in Primary Schools

The age level of a child is fundamental. Earlier age is the vital phase of forming a child’s character. Children learn very fast at an earlier age. Children are ready to learn with a clear state of mind. When it comes to learning English, they start with words and slowly begin to make sentences. At this level, children don’t focus on grammar rules or sentence structure in a sentence. They learn grammar unconsciously when they communicate. The primary level is the right time to teach the correct formation of sentences through fun activities such as word games, rearranging the sentence order, telling stories, etc.

Learn grammar without learning grammar

Sounds good, right? What does that even mean? We have seen in most schools that teachers explain grammar rules to students and ask them to apply them in sentences. Is that method effective in teaching and learning grammar? The answer is obviously no. Learning grammar rules do not help to learn effectively. The children can develop their language skills by reading storybooks, engaging in conversations, or listening. Children concentrate more when they read a story or do an activity. For example, teachers can add more fun activities like playing different language games such as building a sentence card game, capitalization games sorting adjectives, verbs, nouns, etc. Teachers can change the boring “verb class” into a fun and interactive mode through these fun games. Reading and listening play an essential role in learning any language. We always keep our children motivated to read and listen more for understanding any language deeply.

How does studying grammar become useful at an early age?

 Do you know that a child observes and imitates earlier stages of growth? This age level is significant to studying anything faster. Usually, children learn to use grammar in their spoken language first; later, they write sentences. Grammar helps them write and talk about the language better, and slowly they master the language. Not only that, good English helps them enhance their vocabulary and make them confident. Correct grammar usage is essential to learning English as a foreign language. Good grammar knowledge helps all facets of life, even though the world runs through full emojis, texting, and SMS.

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