If you could have a superpower, what would it be? How would you use it?

The word superpower carries into the world of imagination and brings the memory of characters who have a superpower in cartoons or movies. Everyone may have a secret wish in their mind to get these powers for a day while watching these movies, but it is farther away from actuality. However, our superheroes and superwomen play an extensive influence on life.

If I get a superpower, I wish it could be the power of ‘flying’. I have always admired the flying skill of birds. I hoped I could be a bird or a butterfly during my childhood days. As a child, I have restrictions to travel even to nearby places; however, birds enjoy freedom with their flying skill. Hence, I fly like a bird in my imagination. Flight is possible for humans with aeroplanes, but I fly with my wings in a dream. I want to discuss the various ways I use my superpower as follows.

Firstly, I use my power to fly around the world to see the beauty of the earth. I  like to visit the countries my friends and relatives live in hence I can explore the famous places there. Another adventure I do with this power is to fly over the sea; however, I can experience the beauty of the entire blue sea from the sky.

Secondly, I use my flying skill to help people who need help with their necessities. I can reach their place fast and help them immediately with anything. If someone wants to go somewhere urgently, I can carry them on my shoulder and get to the site on time without delay. I can supply food for poor people using my flying skills. These are the activities I wish to do if I have the power of flying.

To summarise, we can watch superpowers in movies, not in real life. Despite this, everyone wishes to achieve extraordinary skills. This is the primary reason most people imitate their supermen or superwomen in their lives. 

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