Are online games safe for our younger generation? How much do these games influence them?

Can we imagine a world without the internet and mobile phones? No, right? Nowadays, digital gadgets have become essential in our lives, and we might even feel that our life is nothing without digital devices and the internet. Sometimes it gives us stress relief during our busy schedules. At the same time, Covid 19 pandemic brought massive changes in human life and paved the way for the excessive use of the internet. People felt lonely, anxious, and stressed during this time. Online games, too, became very popular during the pandemic. Even though we live in the digital world, we realise online games adversely influence our younger generation.

How do online games affect youth?

The journey from outdoor games to online games is unexplainable. Our young minds are agile and enthusiastic. Their creativity and challenging attitude lead them to do many adventurous activities. Everyone needs attention, but all are busy with their hectic schedules. Here comes the role of online games starts, which help connect people worldwide. They can play from anywhere in the world. Online games influence our youth for many reasons; one main reason is that most games are challenging and competitive, which arouses curiosity among the players. These games allow them to explore more which helps to build social skills. Not only do online games are time passing, but they also help to avoid loneliness and give them a break from their monotonous life schedules.

What is the role of the parents?

Are parents unknowingly allowing their children to become addicted to these games? Children get full access to the internet and electronic devices due to their online classes, which is one of the primary reasons for their addiction to these games. Many parents are unaware of the dangerous part of these games because they are not paying much attention to their children in their hectic work schedules. When the children do not get enough support from their parents, they will find another way to get rid of the stress from their studies. The children who are into these games may have suffered either loneliness or heavy pressure from their parents. At first, they might start for relaxation or time pass, but gradually they will become addicted to these games. Most online games provide the facilities for chatting and group conversation, which attract youth more to these games like Pubg and Ludo. The covid pandemic helped massively with the addiction. These games are helping them a lot to overcome their loneliness and stress. Many games are free and give many challenges through different levels of these games. Now is the peak time to think about what will happen to our younger generations when they are addicted to these games. Obviously, it reduces their creativity and logical thinking if they spend much time on these. It is our responsibility to give support to our children.

Are there any advantages other than disadvantages?

Yes, there are many advantages too. Online games help to improve memory and increase concentration. We can see multi-tasking skills in those who are good at playing online games and build perseverance to achieve a particular goal. The children can acquire computer fluency and become physically active as a player. If you get a chance to play online games once, you may get to know that these games help to elevate our moods. A good player can take decisions quickly.

We can find out many pros and cons in these games. But with proper support from parents and elders, they can play these games wisely. It is vital to give appropriate guidance to our children before using electronic gadgets and ensure you support them in handling any problematic situations. We can promise to provide proper care and guidance to our younger generations and let them fly into their imaginative world with our support.

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